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Opening Your Own Bookstore

Posted by mandy on December 1st, 2011

For all the kinds of businesses one could begin today, a bookstore could very well be the most precarious.  Bookselling has always been a risky venture.  While it might be true that every business proposition does involve some amount of risk, they also provide some margin of profit, and occasionally the opportunities to make a large sum.  Chances are, with the case of the bookstore, opportunities to turn a large profit are very slim.  Not even with a full-scale tv campaign and all the attention of the local press and a devoted local clientele.  Many of those factors were certainly well in place with some of the country’s most successful bookstores, and they still either went out of business or are under new management in new locations.


It’s good to know the history of the industry, then, and while that may be true in anything, in bookselling it’s especially important.  That’s because it’s an industry that is made up of stories about people, and most of the fulfilling parts of running a bookstore will also be from hearing and experiencing stories about people.  No intelligent person does enter into the bookselling business with profits above all else in mind.  There’s something else on offer, and something else at stake.  While bookstore luminaries like Walter Carr and David Unowsky would seem to have very little in common but hair color, there are similarities in their histories that are telling.


Both began their highly successful book businesses in the early 1970s, at a time when there was an influx of information, in the form of novels, political writing, and some of the most exciting writing on contemporary culture the world had ever seen.  Yet there were very few channels for it.  This was at a time when one couldn’t simply post news on their  twitter account to alert the world of changing situations.  So both decided to begin a business where the distribution of information in a critical moment was the impetus.  Their businesses, based in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Seattle, became defining icons in the book industry, and they defined it for a lot longer than anyone would have thought possible.

In today’s economy, then, although a bookstore would seem like an unlikely proposition, perhaps the unlikelihood is actually something positive.  There is certainly a dearth of interesting bookstores in nearly every city now, but people are still reading.  There are new forms, like e-books and e-readers, as well as different kinds of distribution of new titles online, and these make it very difficult for community bookstores to compete and stay alive, but there are essential ideas from the giants of independent bookselling that are perhaps more relevant and necessary than ever before, and they might just be the shoulders that the next generation is supposed to stand on.

The Changing World of Book Sellers and Publishing

Posted by mandy on October 14th, 2011

Technology is changing the face of many industries across the world. Various entertainment genres and fields are one of them as well as is literature and publication. We are all aware of the recent closers of one of the book world’s favorite icons, Borders Books and Music stores, which has left millions of people sad, numerous individuals lost their jobs and many other booksellers are left wondering about their future. Then, of course, there are the multitudes of writers out there, navigating their way through this major shift and technological transition. And just as the failure of Borders has cost so many people their jobs, consumers their local bookseller and even favorite coffee shop or social hangout, some of the technological advances are also creating new opportunities for most, if not all of us who have been affected. This relates to the amount of online resources for both writers and readers, as well as the amount of Money Mutual and other financial options that are easily accessed online.

There are plenty of new, novice and otherwise non-professional writers who now have more opportunities and writing options due to the popularity of the Internet. There has also been a few new genres created, or at least greatly expanded on, thanks to their existence online. Blogging is just one of the great examples. This is a popular form of entertainment and news writing, the various genres of literature that can be successful as blogs are continuing to expand and grow. In addition, there are e-books, that are specifically purchased and read online. You can also start your own website and then structure it however you’d like. Published your own book, journal, poem or play on your site and then charge for views or put up advertisements. These are a few different visibility options, though they too are always changing.

One of the publishing options that continues to gain popularity and mainstream commercial acceptance are the so-called self publishing companies. These are book publishing companies that the writer pays to have publish, and sometimes, promote, their work. Generally speaking, these companies allow for greater freedom of the writer, and they accept anyone, or almost anyone, who has the money to pay for the publishing. And if you’re sure that you’ve just written the latest and greatest novel of the century, it might just be worth taking out a few pay day loans to pay for it. And while your readers will no longer be able to stop in at their local Borders to pick up a copy or browse the pages, they might be more likely to download an obscure title, which it will be at first, on to their Kindle or other electronic reading device and give your work a try.

First Impressions a Big Part in Selling Your Home

Posted by mandy on September 17th, 2011

If you are in the market to finance and buy a new home and you have an existing home its essential that you get the best possible price for it.  You should put quite a bit of effort into preparing your old home to sell.  This preparation will pay off for you in that you will sell it quickly and get a good price for it. You can put a lot of money into preparing it for sale – but you may not get it back when you sell.

Here are some steps you can take, that will not cost you a lot of money.

First of all prepare to do some yard work.  There’s nothing better you can do to improve the street appeal of your home.  Mow the lawn, clip the bushes, trim the trees, and sweep up.

Next clean your windows on both sides.  This greatly improves the appearance of a home.  Clean up any peeling paintwork around the windows too.  And make sure the doorbell works!

In the house interior clean all rooms including the walls and floors.  If the paint work is in bad repair it is a good idea to put a fresh coat on it.  If any furniture is part of the deal make sure they are spotless too.  Closets should be clean and organized.  Pay particular attention to the kitchen and bathrooms.  If these areas  are dirty it could really be a deal breaker.

Make sure that appliances that are included with the sale work and that faucets are working properly.   Make the house smell good!!  Get an air freshener – or if you are a cook….prepare a nice apple pie before showing the house.  Fresh flowers placed around the house is another good idea.  You can also have some light music playing in the background.

All of these things will play a part in successfully selling your home.  You want the prospective buyer to build an emotional bond with the home.  This will help tp ensure you sell the home quickly – and get the price you are looking for.

Information provided by Refinance Calculators helping provide real estate financial information.

Culture of the Book: Manuals and Artifacts

Posted by mandy on September 17th, 2011

The culture of the book has been in a state of crisis since the age of television, and perhaps goes back even further than that. There are shelves of books and articles by authors who insisted that television would completely take away the joy and pleasure of reading, and the generations growing up with it would become very dull versions of the generation that preceded them. So it isn’t really anything new when contemporary bloggers talk about the internet being the next big criminal when it comes to the printed word.

On many levels, all the charges are correct. Television did indeed have a profound effect on how people perceive, and how they spend their free time, and there’s every reason to suspect the same thing is happening with the web. There are some people certainly who only pick up a book because it is useful, and an automotive repair manual is easier to work with in the garage than an ipad. There are others who will never be entirely disconnected from getting their information in paper form. In the same breath, there are plenty of things to worry about in terms of the future of the book just as there are signs that its next life is already well under way.

The book is an artifact, a physical object that can be opened to reveal a very specific universe, and one that is created by the author with the participation of the reader. As objects, books have a beauty that makes their mystery even more precious. There are as many arguments for their disappearance as there are for the other perspectives. Cultures change, and as cultures change, their relationships to books have also traditionally changed. This is something that also does change the nature of the object itself.

In times where printed matter had an appeal that was limited to those with religious titles and access to religious education, the book was a rare object that had to be bound with materials that could protect it for a very long time. In times when everyone could read on the subway on their way to work, the book became a smaller object on cheaper paper, meant to last only through the space of a few reads. Today, avid readers may very well have only their Jeep Grand Cherokee repair manual in their physical library, but the electronic files might tell a very different story, one that is evolving in new and unexpected directions.

Forza Mortorsport 4 at E3 2011

Posted by mandy on June 5th, 2011

E3 2011 is right around the corner and there is only big racing sim on everyone’s mind is Forza Motorsport 4. Team 10’s Forza Motorsport 4 is an Xbox 360 exclusive racing simulation and fourth game in the Forza series, which many gamer feel is the only true rival to the Playstation’s exclusive racing simulation series, Gran Turisimo. Forza 4 will be shaking things up a little bit compared to previous games in the series since it will allow players to control the game using either a controller or Microsoft’s Kinect. When Team 10 showed the game was shown at last year’s E3 Players they demonstrated in person how players can steer the cars in races with Kinect, or Kinect’s body tracking features to take a virtual tour around and inside the hundreds of cars that will be included in the game. Players can even zoom in and expect nearly every detail of the high performance car that many people could only dream of driving one day. Just take a look at this video that shows how players can get a glimpse of everything down to the 20-inch alloy racing wheels or the Formula One inspired carbon ceramic brakes clearly visible behind the thin rims on the Ferrari 458 Italia.

Recently Larry Hyrb, or Major Nelson to anyone that really uses Xbox Live, posted a quick preview of Forza Motorsport 4’s head-tracking feature that is possible only with Kinect. Check out that video below.

One thing that GT definitely can’t match is the game’s addition of both the original BBC and the American version of Top Gear’s content that will be integrated into the game. On the same note, the famous Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear will be lending his voice as a narrator for the game. Maybe Clarkson will make an appearance at E3 to talk more about Forza 4 and his role in the game. Forza Motorsport 4 is expected to launch around October 2011.

Source Forza 4 Motorsport

Sightseeing in Oahu

Posted by mandy on May 21st, 2011

Hawaii is so much more than just pristine beaches and stunning ocean. Anyone heading to Oahu need only look at the list of attractions on a Go Oahu Card to see that they can have an action packed vacation with or without the beach.

Oahu is a great place for scenery. There are numerous scenic drives that take in Diamond Head, Punchbowl Crater, and Mount Tantalus amongst other sights. These can be self tours or visitors can participate in an organized group tour. Between jungles, volcanoes, and ocean views there is lots to see.

Families will be drawn to historic and fun activities. The Honolulu Zoo and the surrounding Kapiolani Park are a great place to spend a day. They can also take in the Waikiki Aquarium or the Bishops Museum, which is the State’s Museum of Natural and Cultural History. The Pearl Harbor monuments and historic sites are also a must see for the historically-minded.

Other Oahu attractions include the Iolani Palace, the Dole Plantation and the famous statues of King Kamehameha . Visitors can tour volcanoes, go hiking, attend a luau, or take a walking tour of historic Honolulu. There are opportunities for biking, hiking, surfing, swimming, and scuba diving as well as rock climbing, sailing, fishing, and more exotic pursuits like paragliding or parasailing for the truly adventurous.

What You Need to Know About Web Marketing

Posted by mandy on May 6th, 2011

The economy may be picking up, but many people are questioning the old notion of job stability. Like them, you may have decided to go out on your own. Maybe you’re looking for consulting work or you have a great idea for a new service or product. In any of these cases, you need to realize from the start the important of web marketing for your new business.

People are turning to the internet for information, and that includes using it to find products, services, and businesses. If you’re not on the web, you might as well not exist to those who rely on web reviews, social media recommendations, and search engines to locate businesses.

Luckily, web marketing is much more cost efficient than traditional forms of marketing. Companies offering website marketing services will be able to quantify for you exactly how many sales or leads you get from each form of marketing and advertising, which allows you to make informed decisions about future campaigns.

Another thing to realize is that marketing on the web is much more targeted than offline advertising. Instead of putting up a billboard that gets seen by thousands of drivers when only a handful of them are potential customers, you can carefully target your online ads to reach the exact demographic that is most likely to need your services. In addition, since you are targeting such a small group, you can tailor your marketing message to appeal directly to them, instead of attempting to generalize the language and images used.

Web marketing is going to be more complicated to understand and master, but once you do, you will likely find it is much more effective while being more cost efficient. Two things all new companies love to hear.

Buying a Map

Posted by mandy on April 26th, 2011

It is not as easy to buy a map as you might think. First off, you have to figure out what type of map you want to buy. This includes a number of different decisions. Then you have to determine where you can purchase that type of map. If you’re a bargain hunter , this latter step can take days or even weeks or months as you track down the best possible deal for your chosen map.

Even if you know that you’re looking for a world map as opposed to a country map, a globe, or an atlas, you are going to have to make a series of other decisions. There are so many different types of maps, and most are available of the entire world. There are the standard political wall maps that you saw in classrooms at school. There are satellite maps, topographical maps, climate maps, and even demographic maps of the world.

You will also need to decide if you want a map that offers a more accurate picture of the relative size of countries, such as a Mercator projection map, or one that is more traditional in its layout. Some maps will flip north and south, as there really is no “up” for a planet in space.

Assuming you want a wall map , there are other things to consider. The actual size of the map can range from a few feet across to something that will encompass an entire wall. You can get antique maps or historic reproductions or a map that shows the current globe. Maybe you want a map with a personalized frame or plaque or a map with a different color scheme that matches the decor in your home.

May Day and Workers: Compensations and Collaborations

Posted by mandy on April 20th, 2011

Early in the spring, people in cities and towns around the country begin to enter into a kind of idyllic time. In many places, this is the time when the bitterness of winter retracts its claws, and the world becomes a very different place. There are many holidays that come to represent the season, although May Day is one that is overlooked, or perhaps better, misunderstood.

It could well be related to the discordant nature of the day. Its characteristic of upheaval and restructuring don’t tie into the usual preconceptions of spring. Most people are likely to consider that its effects make it possible for one to solicit the help of a Workers compensation Lawyer Florida offers, and stop without looking much further.

For those who are more interested in the history of labor, as well as its developments in the contemporary era, Mayday is a kind of watershed moment. The day itself commemorates a singular moment, yet the moment is a complex one, and is perhaps better thought of as a culmination. Any turning point involves a build-up from previous days, but in this case, it seems as though history itself were in collaboration with the people involved. What is most intriguing, perhaps, is that its celebrations rise and wane in popular culture, and seem to follow the movements of a moonlit night in the middle of springtime.

Lawyers Need to Specialize

Posted by mandy on April 6th, 2011

It used to be possible to be an educated generalist — to know a lot of things about a lot of subjects. Individuals who succeeded in mastering knowledge in a range of areas, such as music, painting, architecture, and science were referred to as a Renaissance man , in reference to individuals like Leonardo DaVinci. On another level, tradesmen who were able to master more than one craft or trade were known as a Jack of All Trades.

Today, specialization is the norm. Doctors, educators, engineers, scientists, even lawyers are forced to choose a narrow field of study if they ever hope to be considered experts. This is because research and knowledge continues to accumulate more and more information about each field. Lawyers, for example, still need to understand the basic principles of jurisprudence and the legal process, but if they don’t specialize, they won’t be as successful in helping their clients.

In smaller communities, where there is less demand for lawyers, there are still “country lawyers” who can handle divorce cases as easily as business contracts and still appear in criminal court. However, in larger cities it is essential for lawyers to focus on one subject. Good social security disability attorneys aren’t going to be much help in a trademark case and personal injury lawyers won’t be familiar with the nuances of estate law and will only be nominally helpful drafting a will. This makes it extremely important that anyone seeking the services of a lawyer takes care to find someone with knowledge and experience in the specific field of law involved in their case.

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