If you are thinking of buying a boat second hand, it can really cut down on the cost compare to buying something brand new, but there are a few things you will want to do before you hand over the money and take home your boat.

Find out what sort of warranties are still active on various parts of the boat. Often times Yamaha Marine products will have warranties on them, as will other parts of the boat. If the boat is less than two years old, it is more likely to have warranties on it.

You will want to find out where they get their parts from and find out if they have a manual with part numbers for replacing anything from Yamaha Marine Parts to replacing ropes and pulleys. If it is a sail boat you will also want to know where they have previously purchased new sails and sail covers. While it does not happen often, occasionally a sail cover will fly off or a sail will get torn.

Give it a test drive with the current owner. Take note of things like the vibration, steering control, any dials that no longer work, make sure it can go in reverse and other standard things that will be helpful in real life. When you are done, make sure the two of you dock it so that you have an idea of what this will be like.