Rhythm and sensibility seem to be intrinsically related, and it’s possible to find your way in a new city by keying into either, or both if possible.  The rhythms and sensibilities in Singapore are difficult to get, because there are so many.  A wide range of cultures and lifestyles exists here, and now this is more true than it’s ever been.  The city state has natural appeal to people from all over the world, because of its easy accessibility, as well as its ability to take in and absorb the best of everything.  It is always unique, and certainly always stylish, and offers something new with every visit.

Those who have been to Singapore before will not be surprised to hear that there are some excellent Japanese restaurants.  It’s a fantastic place to get a great bite to eat, and it’s possible to eat different kinds of food for every meal.  With the ready supply of fresh fish, Japanese food has a bit of an advantage, however, and should be something everyone tries here, at least once.  Japanese culture plays a bit part of the life in Singapore, and it’s one of many different cultures that influence its sensibility.  To really get a sense for the heartbeat of Singapore, it’s probably wise to ask someone old, and someone very young.  But if you ask Ethan Ong, the answer will be more complex than you might imagine.

This drum prodigy from Singapore is only ten years old.  He’s been playing rhythms for eight years however, and he keeps on winning awards.  The biggest win to date, however, was the National Youth Percussion Instrument Category in Shanghai, where he was declared the top drummer.  He’s won awards in China before, to be sure, and will win more, but this is a fantastic achievement.  His drum solo, and a piece from the Japanese group Casiopea, put him way ahead of the others, and he’s proving that wisdom might not be necessary for mastering rhythms, but age will make them shine even brighter.