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Choose the Right Menu Cover

Posted by mandy on September 16th, 2010

If you’re planning to start a restaurant, you should answer these questions: What makes a menu special? What should the menu design look like? And what makes a menu attractive to a customer? Menu covers are one of the important aspects to entice the right customer for the type of restaurant you’re establishing.

For example, if you are establishing a family restaurant, the menus need to appeal not only to adults but to children of all ages. A child’s menu will make for a nice addition to the main menu offered to all clientele. A Child’s Menu will be not only fun for the children, but will make them feel welcomed and special; bright colors are always appealing to any child. Also, the style of the menu covers for any family style restaurant should reflect the atmosphere conducive to a families comfort zone, presenting leather menu covers will make most parents feel put upon and feel they have to handle the menu instead of letting their children do so.

Keep in mind that all restaurant menu covers are different, so make sure that you choose a unique cover and not just a poor copy of some other restaurant’s menu cover. Consider it as a good investment; a good menu cover will catch people’s attention and will draw customers into your restaurant.

Entertain Friends and Family With Delicious Espresso Drinks

Posted by mandy on September 9th, 2010

Entertaining in one’s home has always been a popular activity and hosting dinner parties or lunches as well as various other events is a favorite activity for many people. And one of the latest thematic hosting events has been weekend lunches at a friend’s house. This is an ongoing trend and there are various ways to make this happen. A new and original idea is borrowed from the popularity of coffee shops and cafes and people are beginning to turn their patios and deck areas into their own private coffee cafe.

This is a growing trend, and all one really needs to have to get it started is one of a variety of quality espresso machines . If you already have some outdoor tables and chairs , then that part is covered. If not, they are relatively inexpensive and cafe style sets can be purchased from your local home improvement or appliance stores. Simply place a pretty table cloth over the top and then maybe add a potted flower and you are pretty much good to go. Of course the key to this thematic get together is the great coffee and perhaps some pastries that you will serve. And with a few recipes for lattes or cappuccino and perhaps some flavoring syrups and creamers you are virtually ready to go. Just remember to establish a closing time or you could find your little cafe is so popular that you have new roommates.

Waiting in Indian Restaurants

Posted by mandy on February 27th, 2010

Here I am sitting and waiting, because this is what I do.  I wait at the beginning of a century, and at the end of a long metaphor, because I have been a metaphor for so many years.  It is easy to get confused, but when I remember for whom I am waiting, then there is no question.  The only good questions here are about what they might wear, and how they will smell, because there has always been the smell of sandalwood and coffee at the beginning of every meeting.  It is easier to wait in an Indian restaurant than anywhere else, because the smells here serve as a potent reminder.

For first meetings, there should always be food, and for the meetings in between beginnings and endings, also food.  It is a comfort, and it is a metaphor that always continues to unfold in multiple directions, like the growth of a plant, whose roots are always much more complex than the fruit.  Between the root and the fruit, there is infinite possibility for discovery.  In between is a waiting of different kinds and different faces, but the waiting is always larger than  the things that I count in my head in the morning when I wake up alone.

This morning I woke up wondering about them again, and it was an old story, and one that I don’t want to repeat, but I know I will.  As long as there is desire, this story will be filled with doubts and jealousies that gather in the corners of the room, dust that wants to make me wonder if the things that are impossible to weigh are true.  Waiting is a truth that has no weight, and longing is a story that has no ending, and in between there is only a long seven-course meal, where we remember everything that we are.

Vegetarian Star

Posted by mandy on February 25th, 2010

There are a lot of famous people who are vegetarians. You can see them eating vegetarian restaurants like this all over the world. It was an interesting study when I found out what well known people were active vegetarians. The animal rights group PETA has even voted in the sexiest female vegetarian with Alicia Silverstone as there star. The list if found had over 580 famous people who were vegetarians. It goes back in time to people like Post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh and even important people like President Abraham Lincoln was an animal activist and vegetarian. Susan B Anthony was an amazing women who was also a vegetarian.

Some of the people you find are a sort of given like Tracy Chapman, Vanna White and Suzanne Vega but others are a surprise like Tommy Lee from Motley Crew or Weird Al Yankovic. Who would have thought that learning about some of those who have passed on where vegetarians like River Phoenix. With all the names on a list it is a wonder they are selling any meat in Los Angeles. Every restaurant must have some vegetarian dishes available for all those celebrities. It might be fun to hit a party with all the celebrities swapping recipes of there favorite meatless dish.

I like to think of all those animals that were saved by these humanitarian animal lovers. They could be giving up a lot to save the their favorite creatures. Soy cheese pizzas for everyone on the road with Peter Gabriel. With all that was accomplished by H.G.Wells do you think it was all the extra carbs that kept him going? I suppose that as long as they are working out they will stay thin even with all the grains. Eddie Vedder is also a vegetarian. That makes sense too. So join the very big club of vegetarians.

Singapore Drum Prodigy

Posted by mandy on December 15th, 2009

Rhythm and sensibility seem to be intrinsically related, and it’s possible to find your way in a new city by keying into either, or both if possible.  The rhythms and sensibilities in Singapore are difficult to get, because there are so many.  A wide range of cultures and lifestyles exists here, and now this is more true than it’s ever been.  The city state has natural appeal to people from all over the world, because of its easy accessibility, as well as its ability to take in and absorb the best of everything.  It is always unique, and certainly always stylish, and offers something new with every visit.

Those who have been to Singapore before will not be surprised to hear that there are some excellent Japanese restaurants.  It’s a fantastic place to get a great bite to eat, and it’s possible to eat different kinds of food for every meal.  With the ready supply of fresh fish, Japanese food has a bit of an advantage, however, and should be something everyone tries here, at least once.  Japanese culture plays a bit part of the life in Singapore, and it’s one of many different cultures that influence its sensibility.  To really get a sense for the heartbeat of Singapore, it’s probably wise to ask someone old, and someone very young.  But if you ask Ethan Ong, the answer will be more complex than you might imagine.

This drum prodigy from Singapore is only ten years old.  He’s been playing rhythms for eight years however, and he keeps on winning awards.  The biggest win to date, however, was the National Youth Percussion Instrument Category in Shanghai, where he was declared the top drummer.  He’s won awards in China before, to be sure, and will win more, but this is a fantastic achievement.  His drum solo, and a piece from the Japanese group Casiopea, put him way ahead of the others, and he’s proving that wisdom might not be necessary for mastering rhythms, but age will make them shine even brighter.

Outdoor Built in Grills are Perfect for Entertaining

Posted by mandy on December 14th, 2009

Tim and Kyla were looking to remodel their backyard. Tim was extremely interested in building a large deck and adding some sports related equipment and accessories to the main yard area. Kyla was not opposed to this and even liked many of his ideas, however she was much more interested in establishing a nice kitchen and dining area into which she could invite guests for dinners and parties. The couple had originally planned to add these new elements on an item by item and theme by them basis, though as they were making their plans they quickly realized that they were going to end up with a complete overhaul of the backyard and decided it was best to have their full design elements completed before beginning.

Ultimately it took the couple two months to create all of their plans and decide on what all they would like to include. Kyla was thrilled that Tim agreed not only to add the kitchen appliances such as the counter area that would include a popular model of the built in gas grills but also to include a nice dining area with a built in fireplace for both ambiance and adding warmth to a cool spring evening.

After six months their entire backyard was finished and they were ready to host their first dinner party for friends. They decided to make it rather informal and cooked barbeque chicken breasts with potato salad and fruit. They had a small fire going which created a great atmosphere and after eating they planned to have a croquet tournament, which was one of the sports elements Tim thought would be most fitting for their area. They had both wine and beer and a strawberry cheesecake for desert. Ultimately the party was a huge success and everyone had a great time. This was just the first of what would become an ongoing event. And it was only the tip of the iceberg on activities that would occur in their new backyard paradise.

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