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Used Wedding Dresses Are a Growing Trend

Posted by mandy on October 22nd, 2010

It used to be that the only acceptable used item at a wedding was the dress, but only if it was handed down from the bride’s mother or other family member. In those cases it was a lovely tradition that added to the meaning of the event. If there wasn’t a dress to be shared, then the bride had to have a brand new dress of her own.

That idea is fading more and more. One of the driving forces behind the shifting perspective is the fact that most people are struggling right now. The economy has been down for more than two years and any recovery is very slow in coming. Few people have thousands of dollars to spend on a designer gown that they will only wear once. So why not look into used wedding dresses as an option.

Another reason for the rise in previously-owned dresses is the internet. Just as craigslist has made it easier for people to hold online garage sales , there are sites popping up that are devoted to helping women sell their wedding dresses to new brides. This ends up benefiting both women as the seller gets cash for something that would otherwise just be sitting in a closet or rented storage space. Maybe there would have been more of a market for used dresses in the past if there had just been an easy way to access them. The web has solved that problem and the number of women who are wearing pre-owned dresses continues to climb.

Spotting Knockoff Handbags

Posted by mandy on October 20th, 2010

In the fashion world there’s nothing more financially damaging than the knockoff. While they may seem like bargains to the buyer who thinks they can’t afford the real thing, they are generally so poorly made that they aren’t even worth the few bucks they cost. More importantly, they distract buyers from the original item and force designers to spend time and money tracking down and stopping those who steal their designs .

One of the most often knocked off products are handbags . These important accessories are actually necessities, as most women wouldn’t be caught dead without a handbag of some kind or other. With designer bags costing hundreds of dollars it can be tempting to hunt for knock offs or look-alikes. While a look alike is merely inspired by a designer bag and may still cost a pretty penny, a knock off will try to trick the buyer into thinking it’s the real thing, right down to the designer logo and label.

It’s usually easy to spot a true knockoff . The level of craftsmanship will give it away if not the place where it’s being sold. And if the price seems too good to be true, it’s probably a fake. For those that want to find designer handbags at lower prices, there are plenty of outlet stores and end of season sales that offer legitimate designer fashions at reduced prices.

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