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Great Success can come from even better Writing Skills

Posted by mandy on March 26th, 2012

In today’s world our dependence on technology has grown rapidly. We cannot think of a life without some form of technology or the other helping us get through the day. With so much of new technology around us, at times it becomes a little difficult to understand the fine details of a new product like a cell phone or a gadget. This is where the expertise of a technical writer comes into play. A technical writer is someone who makes you understand the nuisances of technically complex products or services.

How to choose

If you have a knack for writing and are good with words then technical writing can be an exciting and fruitful career option. There are many technical writing courses available on the internet. To choose the best kind of online technical writing course you will have to first find out if the training provider is a reputed one. Sadly the internet also has people who just want to make a quick buck and will provide incorrect information. Therefore it is important to do a little research about the trainer and the training program before you enroll. Check blogs to find out past experiences of earlier trainees and you will have an idea.

Course duration and type

Since the internet is flooded with technical writing courses that promise you the stars. It is wise to take some time before you plunge into one of these courses. If you are starting out as a technical writer then it is advised to take a beginners course which will introduce you to the technical writing world and the many tools that will help you hone your skills as a good writer. If you already are an established technical writer then you might want to get a certification course which will bring you up to speed with the most recent writing techniques and help you get bigger and better assignments.

With the immense growth in technology and science the need for technical writers will only increase in the future and if you have a good writing course to back you up then you can write your own growth story. You can now enroll for an online technical writing course which will equip you with the right skill sets to become a successful writer.

Opening Your Own Bookstore

Posted by mandy on December 1st, 2011

For all the kinds of businesses one could begin today, a bookstore could very well be the most precarious.  Bookselling has always been a risky venture.  While it might be true that every business proposition does involve some amount of risk, they also provide some margin of profit, and occasionally the opportunities to make a large sum.  Chances are, with the case of the bookstore, opportunities to turn a large profit are very slim.  Not even with a full-scale tv campaign and all the attention of the local press and a devoted local clientele.  Many of those factors were certainly well in place with some of the country’s most successful bookstores, and they still either went out of business or are under new management in new locations.


It’s good to know the history of the industry, then, and while that may be true in anything, in bookselling it’s especially important.  That’s because it’s an industry that is made up of stories about people, and most of the fulfilling parts of running a bookstore will also be from hearing and experiencing stories about people.  No intelligent person does enter into the bookselling business with profits above all else in mind.  There’s something else on offer, and something else at stake.  While bookstore luminaries like Walter Carr and David Unowsky would seem to have very little in common but hair color, there are similarities in their histories that are telling.


Both began their highly successful book businesses in the early 1970s, at a time when there was an influx of information, in the form of novels, political writing, and some of the most exciting writing on contemporary culture the world had ever seen.  Yet there were very few channels for it.  This was at a time when one couldn’t simply post news on their  twitter account to alert the world of changing situations.  So both decided to begin a business where the distribution of information in a critical moment was the impetus.  Their businesses, based in Minneapolis-St. Paul and Seattle, became defining icons in the book industry, and they defined it for a lot longer than anyone would have thought possible.

In today’s economy, then, although a bookstore would seem like an unlikely proposition, perhaps the unlikelihood is actually something positive.  There is certainly a dearth of interesting bookstores in nearly every city now, but people are still reading.  There are new forms, like e-books and e-readers, as well as different kinds of distribution of new titles online, and these make it very difficult for community bookstores to compete and stay alive, but there are essential ideas from the giants of independent bookselling that are perhaps more relevant and necessary than ever before, and they might just be the shoulders that the next generation is supposed to stand on.

Use Awards to Send the Right Message

Posted by mandy on February 21st, 2011

Equality may be a standard when speaking of opportunities and rights. However, equality has no business in a company rewards program. If every employee gets the same bonus or an identical award, there is no reason to strive for better performance. Participation awards serve their purpose, but they should definitely not be the same as the awards given to employees in recognition of outstanding or record breaking performance.

Competition may be a dirty word to some people, but it remains an essential part of modern business culture. Companies compete for customers and contracts. Employees compete for clients, projects, and promotions. Establishing a clear system of employee awards will inspire many employees to strive for higher and higher standards of performance. They will want to earn the fancy engraved glass awards , not the simple paper certificates.

There is a delicate balance between competition and morale. It is possible for companies to turn awards into something that actually damages morale. Giving out too few awards, having unclear standards for earning them, or giving everyone and anyone an award diminishes the effectiveness of the recognition program. Effective recognition calls attention to those employees that meet high performance standards — or set new standards — and serve as incentives for future performance.

Business Greeting Card Etiquette

Posted by mandy on January 30th, 2011

When it’s time to send out holiday or other business greeting cards , there are several important rules of etiquette to keep in mind. While most cards sent by businesses are done to keep in touch with clients or attract new business, the cards themselves should show appreciation for the previous or existing relationship and not be an obvious marketing tool.

Invest some time and money in the process. Cards should be attractive and printed on high quality paper. All names and addresses should be updated to avoid the appearance that the client or vendor isn’t important enough to have a current record. All cards should also be signed personally rather than stamped and it’s good to include a short, personal note to the pre-printed card.

It is also important that cards be hand addressed and include the proper titles , such as Ms. or Dr. If the business associate is close enough, their card should be sent to their home address and addressed to both the husband and wife. Cards should be mailed well in advance of the occasion and should take into account the traditions of the recipient, i.e., don’t send a Hanukah card to someone who celebrates Christmas or vice versa.

Clinics Need Equipment

Posted by mandy on January 24th, 2011

When you visit a medical clinic of any kind you are usually preoccupied with thoughts of what is or might be wrong with you. Even a visit to a chiropractor or physical therapist brings up thoughts of pain and worry about how many more appointments it will take to be back to normal. Few people stop to think about what it takes to set up and maintain a health care clinic of any kind. It’s actually a good exercise in business management or a terrific distraction from one’s health problems.

More than anything else, a medical clinic needs equipment. Basic equipment include desks, chairs, waiting room furniture, and computers. Those are universal to many types of business. The real expense comes from the medical equipment needed to operate the clinic. This starts with special software and computer systems that are designed to handle medical records, diagnostic reports and even store and view x-rays, ultrasounds and other imaging.

The equipment itself is very costly. Many new clinics rely on medical equipment financing to make it possible for them to open their doors. In addition to ultrasound and computer equipment, a clinic may need x ray machines, lab equipment for testing, or surgical equipment to conduct simple procedures. Then there are the exam tables and chairs for patients. A PT clinic will need tables, bikes, patient lifts, and various treatment equipment. It may also need a whirpool or water massage table. Dentists, chiropractors, and optometrists and opthalmologists all have their own equipment needs too.

Leo Charrel writes about technology and society for a variety of websites and blogs. He also contributes to social media pages like

Identifying Selling Styles

Posted by mandy on October 5th, 2010

Every sales person has an innate selling style — a way of relating to people in a sales situation that comes so naturally to them they probably aren’t even aware of it. Identifying and understanding your personal selling style is key to improving your ability to grow beyond it and reach those people who require a different approach. Good sales training programs, such as that offered by Southwestern Company to its summer intern sales force, will teach elements of all four styles in an attempt to produce balanced, adaptable sales people.

The Fighter is one of the most obvious styles. This is a sales style that wastes no time and takes no prisoners. For them selling is a game or a battle and they intend to win over every objection, regardless of the conflict it may engender.

Another easy to spot style is the Entertainer. These people seek attention and want to be liked. If they have enough charisma, potential customers will like them on site and may actually feel guilty when they say “no.” These people usually go for the soft close, trying to make sure everyone is happy.

The Counselor builds relationships and avoid controversy. They show seemingly endless patience and have a natural ability to empathize with potential customers, demonstrating that they truly understand objections and then answering them carefully and thoroughly. These people don’t even need to close as customers usually end up asking how to buy.

The Detective is the final sales type. They analyze everything with facts and figures, avoiding stories and emotions. “Just the facts” is a good motto for them and they have logical reasons and responses. They aren’t going to accept any objections without factual reasoning behind it.

Which kind of sales type are you? What sales tips would you offer someone who wanted to be more like you?

How to Improve Upon the Sales Process

Posted by mandy on August 21st, 2010

Companies, regardless of size, can benefit from training in a sales process improvement course. Paying for a training facility may seem like an added cost, but companies need to realize that a sales training facility can help in many matters that will eventually help with improving the bottom line, meaning profits going up!

One reason why sales may be slipping through their fingers is that a company has a bad sales process, or one that is not being implemented properly. With a bad sales process, the whole company will be affected, but the customer is the first affected, making a sales department almost useless. Many companies have prospective customers that stay only prospective customers because of the absence of a sales process change, or simply having the sales department not properly using the sales process in place.

A sales employee training course geared for improving upon the sale process will help the sales staff better use the sales process to their advantage instead of seeing the sales process as a disadvantage. They will even find ways to streamline and reduce some sales process procedures that are redundant, that creates unnecessary paperwork by adding or eliminating steps to create a better sales flow. All sales personnel will learn how to determine a target market , create loyal customers and how to best respond to the needs of the customer promptly and efficiently.

Not only will a company’s sales staff enjoy the sales process after attending a sales process improvement course, but the company will find that their day-to-day business has vastly improved and sales goals are not only being met, but are being surpassed by a very happy sales staff.

Loans Designed with You in Mind are a Little Luxurious

Posted by mandy on February 23rd, 2010

Custom designed items, perfect for the user, have been a luxury for as long as people have made items. For some people this is the epitome of art, marrying form and function. A beautiful table that can sit in a dining room to be used every day. For others this is just the best in extravagant luxury, having a suit made so that it will fit your body like a glove. I suppose this is why phrases like “Where form meets function” and ” Designed with you in mind ” have become so popular once again. It brings to mind many things, but one of them is this luxury. In an age where everything seems to become the same, and it is hard to find originality any more, it is important to be able to distinguish yourself.

This has become no more true than in the world of loans. It is not to say that there are not a world of different loans, but rather that to someone who has little to no experience with loans they all sort of look the same. In line with being ethical however if you are going to use a catch phrase like that you should have the services to back it up. If you look over the large numbers of places willing to offer you a loan online you get this feeling as though they are all the same, and yet there is one company that says their loans are designed with you in mind. What could this mean?

What Money Mutual does is offers a service in which after taking in your information, they find the right lender who will have a custom fit loan made to fit you in every way. They take into account your history, your regular paycheck and a number of other items. How they get any information you don’t give them is outlined in their privacy policy at so that there are no surprises. They also take pride in themselves in having great customer service in case you need to talk to someone before you are willing to take out a loan. I will admit, I’m a little impressed that it seems this really is a loan designed with you in mind and something about that is a little luxurious.

Waiting with Waits for Professional Developer

Posted by mandy on January 25th, 2010

There is this spectacular person I met through the bus driver who navigates me and ten other people 40th Street and Harlan Avenue on Mondays through Fridays at six o’clock. Of course, the bus driver didn’t introduce me to this person. It was his cousin who works in a firm that does collections who had orange hair from a bad dye job and a permanent smile with bubblegum in her teeth. But she was not the person who knew this person that I am writing about. The person who knew the spectacular person was her neighbor who had an opal pendant in the shape of an anatomical heart and was part of the executive training branch of another company. The spectacular person was her friend, Anne Bobby.

It would seem to me that a spectacular person would not have such a plain name that really belongs on a street sign in a little town. I did not know she would be spectacular until I saw her desk at work where she does professional development. Anne Bobby told me I could meet her at her work for coffee at three o’clock, which was when she got off. I could wait in her office until then because she would be in a long, long, long meeting, but it would not last until three, she assured me. Naturally, I did some superficial snooping while awaiting her to come to the office. It was strange that she had none of the usual photos and desk knickknacks that most people had in their offices or cubicles.

Anne Bobby had a photo of a blue balloon in a blue sky bleached of most its color. She had a photo of footprints in cement that were in front of a sign that said no loitering. In a miniature gumball jar near her computer were not gumballs, but old stamps that been used. At the edge of her desk and in the center was not her name–her plain name was not anywhere in sight–but a silhouetted bust collaged in photos of Tom Waits and headlines about his tours. I already knew her before she came in the door right at three o’clock.

Neighborhood Participation

Posted by mandy on October 21st, 2009

TransGlobe Property Management is Canada’s leading property management company for a good reason.  We have a solid dedication to our customers and our properties, working to keep Canada’s neighborhoods wonderful places to live and grow.  When our clients are thriving, so are we, so we like to connect to the communities to offer a sense of dedication to the place.  TransGlobe is here to meet you where you are.  We have a great love for the neighborhoods we serve, and appreciate a human touch.  This is one of our trademarks, and it’s one of the trademarks of a neighborhood that reflects its residents.

Our relationship begins when you start looking through our very accessible and easy database. This is the beginning of a daydream of a future living space, and it’s a dream that we like to help make a reality.  When you’re looking through our thousands of properties, you’ll no doubt find many attractive places that appeal to your style, and also fit your price range.  You can find all sorts of information about your next home, and it’s always a pleasure to look for a new place to live.  We’re here to help you through this process, and we’re also here for every phase.

When you’re with us, we’re continually working to improve our already excellent reputation for customer service . We are reliable, and respond to requests very quickly and efficiently.  Our representatives truly are part of a team, working in the neighborhoods you live in.  We also strive to participate in community events, because we at TransGlobe understand that neighborhoods are something that we create together.  Your continued satisfaction with us is our best asset, and we look forward to the relationship.

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