Health care costs continue to rise in spite of the down economy and fewer people are able to afford the quality care they need.  As insurance premiums also climb, more people are doing without insurance.  However, when an injury occurs or illness strikes, it can strip them of any savings they may have.

In the last ten years, health insurance costs have doubled while wages have only increased by 34%.  This deficit only makes health insurance less affordable.  What’s worse is that health care costs are expected to rise another 7.5% in 2013.

Almost 50 million Americans were uninsured in 2010.  While that number has increased, it has only improved by a small number.  Included in that number are almost 10% of children who are without insurance.

So what do you do if you get injured or ill?  Many people use their savings, leaving them exposed for other issues in the future.  For all of those people who don’t have a savings plan, they either do without medical care or they postpone a bill to pay for medical costs.

Another option that many people do not think of is to apply for a short-term loan, like those offered by  This type of loan can provide the cash needed to pay a medical bill or for medication to help them get well.  It can also help those who have high deductibles or co-pays so that they can afford to go to the doctor.  Then there is the issue for people who do not get paid time off.  If they are sick, they are either forced to go in to work anyway or take time off without pay.  A short-term loan can help pay the bills until they are back on their feet.

A short-term loan often has lower fees than paying a late charge on a bill that is put off to have cash for medical expenses.  You can pay the loan back over a period of time to make it affordable and fit in your budget.

Another way short-term loans can help is when you have a child that needs medical care from an injury.  You do not want to worry about paying medical bills when you are caring for an injured child.  With a short-term loan, you can concentrate on helping your child get well instead of worrying about finances.

These loans are often convenient to apply for to allow you to get money in a hurry to cover expenses before they cause other problems.  You don’t have to wait for days to get approved and then wait even longer to get your money.  In many cases, you can have the proceeds of your loan within just a few days.  If you had an unplanned medical expense, time can be an important consideration.

If you are faced with unplanned medical costs, you might want to consider a short-term loan to help you get through the difficult time until you get back on your feet.  Don’t let the rising costs of health care keep you from getting the care you need.