Technology is changing the face of many industries across the world. Various entertainment genres and fields are one of them as well as is literature and publication. We are all aware of the recent closers of one of the book world’s favorite icons, Borders Books and Music stores, which has left millions of people sad, numerous individuals lost their jobs and many other booksellers are left wondering about their future. Then, of course, there are the multitudes of writers out there, navigating their way through this major shift and technological transition. And just as the failure of Borders has cost so many people their jobs, consumers their local bookseller and even favorite coffee shop or social hangout, some of the technological advances are also creating new opportunities for most, if not all of us who have been affected. This relates to the amount of online resources for both writers and readers, as well as the amount of Money Mutual and other financial options that are easily accessed online.

There are plenty of new, novice and otherwise non-professional writers who now have more opportunities and writing options due to the popularity of the Internet. There has also been a few new genres created, or at least greatly expanded on, thanks to their existence online. Blogging is just one of the great examples. This is a popular form of entertainment and news writing, the various genres of literature that can be successful as blogs are continuing to expand and grow. In addition, there are e-books, that are specifically purchased and read online. You can also start your own website and then structure it however you’d like. Published your own book, journal, poem or play on your site and then charge for views or put up advertisements. These are a few different visibility options, though they too are always changing.

One of the publishing options that continues to gain popularity and mainstream commercial acceptance are the so-called self publishing companies. These are book publishing companies that the writer pays to have publish, and sometimes, promote, their work. Generally speaking, these companies allow for greater freedom of the writer, and they accept anyone, or almost anyone, who has the money to pay for the publishing. And if you’re sure that you’ve just written the latest and greatest novel of the century, it might just be worth taking out a few pay day loans to pay for it. And while your readers will no longer be able to stop in at their local Borders to pick up a copy or browse the pages, they might be more likely to download an obscure title, which it will be at first, on to their Kindle or other electronic reading device and give your work a try.