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Stairs with Shelving and Drawers for Bunk Beds

Posted by mandy on March 24th, 2011

Traditionally people associate bunk beds with young children. And they almost always associate access to the top bunk with a metal or wood ladder. And while these associations are definitely common and rooted in reality, there are actually a number of other bunk bed users, and additional options for making your way to the top bunk. No-one has yet developed an elevator for them, but one of the great access devices is a small staircase. There are miniature stairs to help small dogs climb up on furniture, why wouldn’t there be stairs for bunk beds? And actually, this serves more than one purpose and is an extremely space efficiency options.

Bunk beds with stairs are a great way to access the top bunk while also serving as a quality storage space. The stairs are frequently able to open into drawers where pajamas , sheets, etc. can be stored. In addition, it makes access to the top bunk safer and easier, which also expands the bunk bed user population, it might even entice the family dog up to the top bunk with you.. There are a variety of staircase designs for the bunk beds, and whatever the needs or aesthetic priorities are for you and your family, there is a model that will suit you. The possibilities with bunk beds are endless, and the options are limited only be individual space, or more appropriately creativity and design inspirations. Bunk beds are great for any room, including a spare or guest bedroom.

Solar Obsessions

Posted by mandy on March 20th, 2011

The obsession with time is something that has been a clear indication that the industrial age is still a major factor in a contemporary world view. The way that days are organized, according to increasingly tight schedules, comes from a work ethic that demands more productivity within the rather narrow confines of a day. At times it might seem as though the struggle for maximum efficiency is something peculiar to the modern age. But it’s entirely possible that it’s tied to an earlier obsession with the sun and time in general.

The contemporary obsession with the sun has lead to a very honed science, where the power is harnessed in order to provide energy. California solar installers are able to take an idea and turn it into a reality that makes daily life more efficient, and more in tune with the rhythms of nature. This is a present register of an acute attention to the sun that has been a part of many civilizations that came before this one.

Even before the first sun dial , there were cultures who were interested in marking time passing through watching the movements of the sun. This suggests that from a very early age, people have been aware that there is more potential to the sun than meets the eye.

Sharing the Road with Tractor Trailers

Posted by mandy on March 8th, 2011

Children marvel at their size, those who drive may fear them and they appear across all major roadways in the United States – we are talking about tractor trailers and here in the U.S., they remain one of the most efficient ways to transport cargo cross country.

While inexperienced drivers might be intimidated by these hulking transports, sharing the road with tractor trailers doesn’t have to be a frightening or exceedingly dangerous experience. The following are a few tips for promoting harmony on the highways.

Watch for Driver’s Blind Spots

Some, but not all, trailers come equipped with a standard sign displaying “no zones.” These detail the driver’s large blind spots. These are areas to be avoided. No zones exist on all four sides of the tractor trailer. If the trailer you are approaching does not have a sign displaying these zones, one general rule is to always keep one of the side mirrors in view. If you cannot see the driver’s mirrors, it is highly unlikely the driver is aware of the location of your vehicle. Being aware of the other driver’s limited awareness is one of the best safety measures you can take when sharing the road. Even if you think the driver can see you, pay attention to any and all indicator lights.

Use Caution During Inclimate Weather

Special consideration must be taken with tractor trailers during harsh weather. Even with an empty trailer, the weight is considerable, and this becomes quite dangerous when the roads are slick due to ice, snow, or heavy rain. When navigating around tractor trailers during these conditions, important factors such as the driver’s ability to brake successfully must be taken into consideration. Remember that it is generally easier to stop a sedan than it is to stop a fully loaded trailer. Of course, bear in mind that all drivers should exercise caution during harsh weather and other dangerous road conditions.

Be Considerate

It should go without saying, but courtesy goes a long way in promoting safety on the road. Instead of cutting off tractor trailers or prohibiting drivers from changing lanes, try to be considerate. Too many accidents occur thanks to recklessness and carelessness.

Sharing the road with tractor trailers does not have to be an intimidating task. Simply being vigilant accounts for a great deal of the strategy for promoting road safety.

Kim is a contributing writer for, a site which provides information for trucking professionals and those who are interested in commercial truck financing and tow truck insurance.

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