As the housing market begins to rebound in certain areas of the country, homeowners are looking for ways to improve the resale value of their properties. This includes installing new systems and appliances as well as investing in replacement windows and doors to improve energy efficiency.

The value of replacing older, inefficient windows is two-fold. In the first case, newer windows are much more energy efficient. This means that homeowners will see a significant drop in their seasonal heating and cooling bills while they continue to reside in their home. These lower bills will also be attractive to prospective buyers who won’t want to purchase a home with high energy costs.

Secondly, new windows can increase the actual resale value of a structure. Buyers will know that they won’t have to replace windows for a long time. In addition, attractive, well-fit windows add to the aesthetic value of a home, making it much more appealing and valuable to buyers.

There is a certain group of buyers out there who are looking to buy the most environmentally-friendly home they can afford. Having energy-saving features that reduce a home’s carbon footprint can make the house more attractive to these buyers. That increases the chances that the home will sell for its asking price.

Lynn Harris-Newton is a columnist and blogger who writes about real estate and home improvement for Canadian magazines and blogs. She also writes about companies like Starlight Investments for newsletters and real estate blogs.