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Get Insurance for Travel in India

Posted by mandy on December 20th, 2010

As the second largest country in the world and one of the oldest cultures, India holds a mysterious draw to many people. People from all over dream of visiting the ancient temples, traveling through the countryside and exploring the teeming cities. As a growing center for world business many executives and managers are finding themselves assigned to visit Mumbai, Delhi, or Bangalore as part of their work.

One thing all these visitors have in common is a need for travel health insurance. Because India is no longer the backward country it was a few decades ago, medical treatment is now on par with that in the West, which means it costs money. Luckily there are reliance travel insurance policies available that provide for medical treatment anywhere in India.

Because this is travel insurance and not just health insurance, medical treatment is only part of the package. Travelers will also be covered for home burglary and receive financial emergency assistance to compensate for stolen money and credit cards. There are restrictions, as with any insurance policy, and some coverages are are subject to certain conditions being met. These will all be clear in the policy or by consulting with an individual agent before purchase.

Suzie Anderson is an experienced traveler and guest blogger with a background in business and Customer Relationship Management. In addition to travel, she has written extensively on travel CRM, customer relations, and lead management.

Photo Booths Make Receptions More Memorable

Posted by mandy on December 16th, 2010

A wedding is chock full of memories for the bride and groom. From the planning through the honeymoon there are countless moments that they will cherish and share throughout the years. To make a wedding as memorable for guests, planners will need to focus on entertainment, food, and activities that will be both fun and out of the ordinary.

A recent trend in receptions is to rent a wedding photo booth for the event. This allows guests to take pictures with each other and walk away with their own personal memento. The silliness and fun that is inspired by such booths will have a positive impact on the overall mood of the reception. It helps guests lighten up and enjoy themselves more fully. Since most people have memories of fun in photo booths as young kids, the booth will also provide a sort of nostalgia as well as a return to a more childlike feeling.

Booths come in a variety of colors so that they will not clash with the bride’s palette. Since they are digital pictures, each photo can be marked with the couple’s name and the date of the event in order to create the perfect wedding favor. Best of all, the bride and groom can keep copies of all the photos so that they too have memories of their guests long after the event.

Attending a Pro Golf School

Posted by mandy on December 11th, 2010

At first many people find the idea of a professional golf school laughable. Golf is a sport, not a subject for study. They are wrong. More and more programs and schools are offering degrees in golf management and offering students the ability to prepare for the multitude of professional jobs that exist in the ever-growing golf industry.

Students who attend a golf degree program will be expected to continue to develop their golf game. While some will use these skills to become pro golfers or to become instructors and coaches, most will just relish a deeper understanding of the skill involved in the game that will help them as they step into positions of management, hospitality, and marketing to golfers.

Think of how many private golf clubs exist in the US and in other countries. Add in the number of public golf courses and all the tournaments and tours that are played. Someone has to organize, manage, and run all these events. Companies make golf equipment, clothing, and supplies and they need marketing, sales, and finance people. Sports magazines , newspapers, and television networks need golf reporters and commentators. A stint in golf school can provide the background, credentials, and networking opportunities to land any and all of those jobs.

Planning a Website

Posted by mandy on December 5th, 2010

There are many factors that go into the successful planning of a website. Sure it’s important to hire a good designer and assign the right employees to work on the project, but that’s just the beginning of the process. Businesses need to take care to consider other important factors when designing a new site.

It is key to decide on the overall purpose of the site even before forming the web development team. This is because purpose dictates functionality. A web designer that specializes in aesthetically pleasing content sites will be useless for a product-driving shopping site. Companies need to decide if the site is primarily to entice and inform consumers or to generate actual sales and leads. In some cases the site may be a teaser for a future event, product, or service and, in that case, will have completely different design needs.

The next important factor in designing a site is conducting appropriate User Research . Knowing what consumers are looking for from the company and how they are most likely to interact with the site can mean the difference between a site that seems intuitive and enjoyable and one that frustrates and turns off customers.

Once a company knows what they want to say and what customers want from a site, it’s time to actually plan out the site. This involves creating a wireframe of the site’s structure and designing the overall look and feel of the site. These may evolve over time, but will become the backbone around which the rest of the site is created.

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