If you’re looking to move into a rental property you may be stuck thinking your only resource is a community bulletin board or maybe classified ads in the newspaper . If so, you’re likely stuck in the twentieth century mode of apartment hunting. Welcome to the internet age, where there are so many different resources you may wonder where to start.

The easiest place to start is to find a good property management company like transglobe property management services . The advantage to using a company is that they can do much of the searching for you. They will manage properties all over your city or region and can help you narrow your choices based on rent, amenities, neighborhood and any other factors you choose. However, if you want the 21st century version of the old school method, then check out craigslist or one of the many property listing and roommate finder websites and do your own searching.

If you’re looking for an apartmen t rather than a house, you should do some research on the various complexes and condo communities in your area. Those that are cutting edge are going to have online communities on sites like Facebook where you can see pictures, view video tours, and even contact current residents to answer your questions about their living experience. Good property management companies also make use of social media sites. check out transglobe property management as an example.

There are also tons of websites with information on local laws and regulations for rental properties that will help you understand your rights and what to expect when dealing with landlords. You can even find tips on packing and moving as well as sample roommate agreements if you’re not going to be living alone.