Here is where it is likely that a daydream will have more to do with the history outside on the sidewalk than the view inside of one’s own mind. It all tends to move around here, rather spectacularly, and rather quickly, gaining traction as the days turn into nights. The most complex theories of art and science and political revolutions have been discussed here, and the air is still thick with the conversations taking place even before WWI. However, unlike most places where the cafe conversations turn to art, science, and politics, at Cafe Odeon in Zurich , these talks happened for the very first time.

If there were no Cafe Odeon, it might be necessary to invent it, and across the street is another spectacular invention, Cafe de la Terrasse , and the two have a lot to talk about when the guests have stumbled home, lost in thought, and the night inhales and prepares for another day. In Zurich, the hotels are always prepared for late nights and early mornings, and no idea is too unfathomable. The city is one of the most livable on the whole continent, and there are reasons that go far beyond quality of life, cleanliness, and an easy transportation system.

Einstein lectured his students here at Odeon, while across the street, Huelsenbeck and Ball were waiting for Tzara, while Emily Hemmings began to hum a new poem in the back of her mouth. Russian revolutionaries were making plans, while Trotsky sat daydreaming about Frida Kahlo’s haunting eyes, and Hermann Hesse was making a tone poem novel about magic theaters, and turning a way of life into a philosophical treatise. These are the conversations that are dreamed on, dreamed on by people who like to talk, and everyone here likes to talk. Zurich has ghosts all over the streets, but the ones here are particularly passionate about ideas that might change the world, because here, they did.