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Zurich Nostalgia Cafe

Posted by mandy on May 20th, 2010

Here is where it is likely that a daydream will have more to do with the history outside on the sidewalk than the view inside of one’s own mind. It all tends to move around here, rather spectacularly, and rather quickly, gaining traction as the days turn into nights. The most complex theories of art and science and political revolutions have been discussed here, and the air is still thick with the conversations taking place even before WWI. However, unlike most places where the cafe conversations turn to art, science, and politics, at Cafe Odeon in Zurich , these talks happened for the very first time.

If there were no Cafe Odeon, it might be necessary to invent it, and across the street is another spectacular invention, Cafe de la Terrasse , and the two have a lot to talk about when the guests have stumbled home, lost in thought, and the night inhales and prepares for another day. In Zurich, the hotels are always prepared for late nights and early mornings, and no idea is too unfathomable. The city is one of the most livable on the whole continent, and there are reasons that go far beyond quality of life, cleanliness, and an easy transportation system.

Einstein lectured his students here at Odeon, while across the street, Huelsenbeck and Ball were waiting for Tzara, while Emily Hemmings began to hum a new poem in the back of her mouth. Russian revolutionaries were making plans, while Trotsky sat daydreaming about Frida Kahlo’s haunting eyes, and Hermann Hesse was making a tone poem novel about magic theaters, and turning a way of life into a philosophical treatise. These are the conversations that are dreamed on, dreamed on by people who like to talk, and everyone here likes to talk. Zurich has ghosts all over the streets, but the ones here are particularly passionate about ideas that might change the world, because here, they did.

Home Grown Law

Posted by mandy on May 11th, 2010

In terms of the history of the United States, Arizona occupies a very unique position, being very young in terms of states entering the union. It became part of the country officially in 1912, after nearly joining as part of New Mexico. That particular moment is history was a rather remarkable one, where progressives were struggling for more say in the foundations of the Arizona constitution , while Taft was busy with battles of his own. The contentious beginnings, then, are part and parcel of the history of the place, and it makes good sense now for anyone who’s spent some time here.

Arizona’s complex and fascinating history is something that captures the imagination of the locals, and it’s also something that the long-term residents, or native Arizonans, are familiar with. This history has also been almost concurrent with the history of the law offices firms in the state. Most of the trusted firms have been around for a generation or two, but in Arizona, with a short history as a state, they don’t go back much further than that. This means that the local law offices have grown through the years as the state has grown. So it’s not simply by chance that many of the firms in Arizona have such a vested interest in the place and the people.

Arizona lawyers need to have an understanding of the complexities of the place. Phoenix, the fifth-largest city in the country , is a metropolis in the middle of a desert, and many people might characterize it as a new city that’s risen up out of its own ashes. But everything here has a history of connections, and in truth, nothing here has arisen out of nothing.

It’s related to the people who have inhabited the land for thousands of years, just as much as it’s related to the new family that’s just moved in, looking for a new beginning, and a new life. It’s still a desert, and will be a desert always, but it’s also a particular place at a moment in history, when the possibilities are more ripe than they’ve ever been. This is one of the ways that law firms distinguish themselves, through history and commitment in ways that suggest open possibilities for the future ahead.

Vintage Cars Now and Twenty Years Ago

Posted by mandy on May 3rd, 2010

When many people hear the word vintage or antique tire they immediately get an image of an old beat up, worn out treadles piece of rubber. That’s funny though it actually has nothing to do with an actual antique tire or vintage wheels . So, before you get too bent out of shape or disturbed by hearing there are great deals on antique tires out there, you can rest at ease to know that it simply refers to a design and style that is not only reminiscent of vintage automobiles but is also fitting for those that are in existence and still being driven around.

In fact, antique car restoration is becoming an increasing hobby turned passion for many people. This actually makes sense when considered in relationship to the fact that backyards and garages have had a broken down fix up car in them since cars were invented and most men have had some kind of a fix it project in the works at some point in their lives. Interestingly, what is considered to be vintage changes with the years and a 1985 Chevy Camaro is now vintage, when twenty years ago a 1967 Mustang or 1962 Corvette was the vintage model. Of course these cars are incredibly cool today as well.

When considering antique tires and wheels, the models go back further and refer to early models of cars. In addition to some of the actual refurbished cars there are also car kits and build your own varieties that emulate the originals. There are even some people who love the look of antique tires and choose to use them on their contemporary model. This, however, can be a tricky process and it is not typically recommended. While tires and cars can be compatible with various styles and sizes you do need to be careful that you are buying tires that are appropriate for your vehicle. Otherwise this can adversely affect your car’s performance and possible even put your safety at risk. Besides, antique tires would look silly on a new SUV, don’t you think?

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