Walk into almost any classroom and you will most likely see a collection of world maps decorating the walls. While world maps are by far some of the oldest maps in existence, they have also changed with technology. There are world atlases, world globes, even world maps that are printable . Even though they are old, we have still have many uses for them today.
Today if we want to get directions or see where we are going we use a road atlas , or if you are really technologically savvy a Garmin GPS . However, in ancient times they didn’t have maps that would mark out the roads they needed to take. The first sailors didn’t have maps that would show them that there was land on the other side of the ocean. World maps and their development are an important part of our history. They help us to realize where we came from and appreciate what we have today.
World maps unite us. Looking at world globe brings a new perspective to our existence. You don’t see each individual people or cities or countries, instead all of the continents and how we are all in the position here on this planet we call Earth. Somehow China doesn’t seem quite so far away.
Many of us in junior high or high school had to do a report on another country. The country that I was assigned to was Estonia , a place I had never heard of before. But after finding it on a world map and researching their climate, culture, and daily life I feel a much stronger connection to them. I watch for them every two years at the Olympics . World maps help us appreciate one another.
With all of our new technology it is easy to forget about all of the people and land that exist outside of our own personal worlds, but I would encourage you to pull out that old world map you have buried in the back of your closet and take a look–you might be surprised what you discover.