Palmdale, California is generally considered to be part of the greater Los Angeles urban area. And while almost every aspect of that region continues to grow, Palmdale itself is one of the fastest growing cities in the country. This is due to many reasons, though one of the common ones is that people who are currently living and working in LA are recognizing this city as an attractive residential option and are leaving the larger urban area for its calm and quiet neighborhoods. Of course many other people are drawn to Palmdale and are coming from other parts of the country. In addition, it has become a popular tourist destination in its own right and is recognized outside of its relationship to Los Angeles. You can look here to find great information on where to stay if you’re planning to visit Palmdale.

The Palmdale Playhouse is just one of the entertainment and cultural attractions that entices audiences from in and outside of the city. The actual theatre was constructed in 1993, or that is when the ground was broke which began its construction. It was established as an effort to convert the older building that was the Maryott Auditorium into a complete performing arts center. This was spearheaded by the Palmdale Repertory Theatre and the Desert Opera Theatre. The result was this 348 seat performance space and a company that produces entertaining and sometimes provocative productions for an engaged and supportive audience. The new performance space also features an orchestra pit, workshop and office spaces.

The company has entered its 16th season and is proud to continue its established tradition of quality productions. In addition to great performances, there are various workshops, lectures and classes that take place in the playhouse. Some of the performances that will be occurring throughout the remainder of March are specifically intended for children, while others are oriented toward adult audiences. Of course there are also some family shows and the upcoming production of Harvey serves as good example. However, it won’t be opening until April, but it’s still a nice option for family entertainment. Meanwhile, Winnie the Pooh continues through March 13th and an Evening of Musical Inspiration will take place on March 24th.