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Waiting in Indian Restaurants

Posted by mandy on February 27th, 2010

Here I am sitting and waiting, because this is what I do.  I wait at the beginning of a century, and at the end of a long metaphor, because I have been a metaphor for so many years.  It is easy to get confused, but when I remember for whom I am waiting, then there is no question.  The only good questions here are about what they might wear, and how they will smell, because there has always been the smell of sandalwood and coffee at the beginning of every meeting.  It is easier to wait in an Indian restaurant than anywhere else, because the smells here serve as a potent reminder.

For first meetings, there should always be food, and for the meetings in between beginnings and endings, also food.  It is a comfort, and it is a metaphor that always continues to unfold in multiple directions, like the growth of a plant, whose roots are always much more complex than the fruit.  Between the root and the fruit, there is infinite possibility for discovery.  In between is a waiting of different kinds and different faces, but the waiting is always larger than  the things that I count in my head in the morning when I wake up alone.

This morning I woke up wondering about them again, and it was an old story, and one that I don’t want to repeat, but I know I will.  As long as there is desire, this story will be filled with doubts and jealousies that gather in the corners of the room, dust that wants to make me wonder if the things that are impossible to weigh are true.  Waiting is a truth that has no weight, and longing is a story that has no ending, and in between there is only a long seven-course meal, where we remember everything that we are.

Vegetarian Star

Posted by mandy on February 25th, 2010

There are a lot of famous people who are vegetarians. You can see them eating vegetarian restaurants like this all over the world. It was an interesting study when I found out what well known people were active vegetarians. The animal rights group PETA has even voted in the sexiest female vegetarian with Alicia Silverstone as there star. The list if found had over 580 famous people who were vegetarians. It goes back in time to people like Post-Impressionist Vincent Van Gogh and even important people like President Abraham Lincoln was an animal activist and vegetarian. Susan B Anthony was an amazing women who was also a vegetarian.

Some of the people you find are a sort of given like Tracy Chapman, Vanna White and Suzanne Vega but others are a surprise like Tommy Lee from Motley Crew or Weird Al Yankovic. Who would have thought that learning about some of those who have passed on where vegetarians like River Phoenix. With all the names on a list it is a wonder they are selling any meat in Los Angeles. Every restaurant must have some vegetarian dishes available for all those celebrities. It might be fun to hit a party with all the celebrities swapping recipes of there favorite meatless dish.

I like to think of all those animals that were saved by these humanitarian animal lovers. They could be giving up a lot to save the their favorite creatures. Soy cheese pizzas for everyone on the road with Peter Gabriel. With all that was accomplished by H.G.Wells do you think it was all the extra carbs that kept him going? I suppose that as long as they are working out they will stay thin even with all the grains. Eddie Vedder is also a vegetarian. That makes sense too. So join the very big club of vegetarians.

Loans Designed with You in Mind are a Little Luxurious

Posted by mandy on February 23rd, 2010

Custom designed items, perfect for the user, have been a luxury for as long as people have made items. For some people this is the epitome of art, marrying form and function. A beautiful table that can sit in a dining room to be used every day. For others this is just the best in extravagant luxury, having a suit made so that it will fit your body like a glove. I suppose this is why phrases like “Where form meets function” and ” Designed with you in mind ” have become so popular once again. It brings to mind many things, but one of them is this luxury. In an age where everything seems to become the same, and it is hard to find originality any more, it is important to be able to distinguish yourself.

This has become no more true than in the world of loans. It is not to say that there are not a world of different loans, but rather that to someone who has little to no experience with loans they all sort of look the same. In line with being ethical however if you are going to use a catch phrase like that you should have the services to back it up. If you look over the large numbers of places willing to offer you a loan online you get this feeling as though they are all the same, and yet there is one company that says their loans are designed with you in mind. What could this mean?

What Money Mutual does is offers a service in which after taking in your information, they find the right lender who will have a custom fit loan made to fit you in every way. They take into account your history, your regular paycheck and a number of other items. How they get any information you don’t give them is outlined in their privacy policy at so that there are no surprises. They also take pride in themselves in having great customer service in case you need to talk to someone before you are willing to take out a loan. I will admit, I’m a little impressed that it seems this really is a loan designed with you in mind and something about that is a little luxurious.

Sharks in Atlanta

Posted by mandy on February 8th, 2010

The truth is that there are few cities like Atlanta, Georgia in the world.  It’s a place of unique sights and engaging people; here, you’ll find Atlanta filled with luxury and comfort and hotels that anyone would be happy to make their home (however temporary), while viewing the sights, including the Georgia Aquarium.

The Georgia Aquarium is the world’s largest with over eight million gallons of water.  Right now, this marine life museum is presenting an exhibit called, Planet Shark: Predator or Prey.  Scarily enough, this is billed as an interactive experience.  The Aquarium already exhibits fourteen species of sharks in its present collection, but this special exhibit goes way beyond what you might find in any other place.

Planet Shark will allow you to see models at full-scale of sharks.  You’ll see one such model of a Great White Shark; this creature was eighteen feet long, giving the shark in Jaws a run for its money.   Speaking of which, you’ll be able to see items and shark cages from the movie, Jaws, as well as numerous artifacts of shark jaws and teeth.  You’ll see fossils that can be dated as far back as three hundred and fifty million years ago.

The idea of this exhibit is to give the aquarium’s guests facts which can foster a more complete understanding of the shark.  There’s a number of myths that build up around these amazing animals, and the aquarium is ready to dispel these myths.  You’ll hear stories, too, about actual encounters people have had with sharks, told not only by the experts, but by the survivors of these incidents.  You’ll learn, too, about how sharks behave and about what relationships they form.  There’s also a display that features an actual Bluefin tuna (700 pounds of it!) and an actual Mako shark, its predator.  Both creatures are frozen, giving an opportunity to see what an encounter between this predator and prey might be like.  The Georgia Aquarium is an absolute must on any trip to Atlanta.

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