Awareness of certain dangers concerning hot tubs, spas or pools is key to creating a safe and fun atmosphere for all those in need of relaxation. The main hazard is drowning, treat your hot tub and spa like any body of water. Before you step in to your spa, check the depth and never jump in, spa’s are made to sit in and relax, not to horse around in like a pool. It is highly recommended to not be alone in a hot tub, bring a friend along or invite a family member to join you, plus, it makes the time you spend in the hot tub a pleasant experience.

When the hot tub or spa is not in use, replace the cover and lock it for safety. If the spa is inside, make sure you can lock the door to the spa room. Always make it a ritual to put the cover over the tub or lock the door when you are finished for the time being. This way, you will never have to worry that and unintentional accident will occur.

Another danger is hair and body part entrapment. Drains that are uncovered can suck in hair or body parts, trapping a person under the water. Before entering any hot tubs, spas or any other body of water where electrical components are being used, always check that the drains have adequate covers and that the covers themselves are in good condition. If a child is to use the hot tub, make sure that their toes or fingers can not slip through the drain covers, if they can, this can lead to the child being stuck underwater. So, it is recommended that you replace the drain covers with the required safety drain covers. Another safety measure is to have each pump on separate outlets, this will reduce suction and reduce the potential of entrapment.

Never have the water temperature of a hot tub or spa over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything hotter will cause health issues and cause drowsiness that could lead to drowning. You do not want to nod off in the hot tub. Also, if the temperature is higher that 104 degrees, your raise the risk of heat stroke.