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Phathell’s Singapore

Posted by mandy on December 30th, 2009

Singapore is a spectacular place for culture vultures looking for the next big thing.  It’s also a splendid place for travelers to visit an entirely unique place, with a spectacular blend of cultural influences that inform what seems to be a very exciting moment in time.  There is always something happening in Singapore, but today there seems to be an explosion of new art and ideas.  It’s difficult not to find something very lovable about the city state that holds so many secrets, and also offers a sumptuous and exciting surface.  The secrets probably begin with the food, and when traveling in Singapore, food can guide you to all sorts of amazing attractions.

You’ll no doubt notice that Malaysia, India, and China have a very substantial influence on the cuisines here, and there are plenty of restaurants that specialize in these foods.  There are many other influences from all over the world, in the food and in the culture at large.   The local culture seems uniquely flexible in absorbing trends and styles from all over, and it’s making for some very exciting music.  Hiphop has always had a place in the hearts of the urban population, and its sophisticated means of blending and remixing beats and melodies is particularly suited to this place.  It’s very much alive and well here, with young talents like Phathell rising on the scene.

He’s worked as a dj and a producer, and all of these come into play in his fantastic hiphop stylings.  He’s also getting to be very fluent in drum and bass these days, and can even be seen trying his hand at the theramin. This kind of dexterity is not only necessary in a very competitive industry, but it speaks to a certain heart at the center of Singapore culture, making it exceptionally unique and world-class.

Honeymoon in Curacao

Posted by mandy on December 28th, 2009

When it was finally time to choose their honeymoon location both Tina and William were exhausted and actually tired of making their wedding plans. What initially began as extremely exciting phase of their life and major transition quickly became complicated by family desires, requests and budgetary considerations. Both of them had begun to regret involving so many people in the decision process though they originally thought they could use the extra help with ideas and opinions. Of course things quickly spiraled out of what they thought was control until Tina’s mom came to their rescue by reminding them that it was their wedding and they could do whatever they wanted wherever they wanted, as long, of course, as it was legal and no one would get hurt. Coincidentally, that day she also asked them if they had decided on where they would take their honeymoon.

Almost as a joke to each other they decided they would forget about wedding plans for a couple of days and choose their honeymoon destination. The joke came about in how they decided to make their decision. That night they went to their local sports bar to watch a basketball game and while they were there the put three pieces of paper with various locations in a pint glass and asked a complete stranger to draw one. Just as they started hand over the glass Tina had a better idea and took the pint glass from William and sat it down. She then asked the same stranger to name any country or city in the world. For a moment William looked surprised and also worried and suddenly the stranger blurted out Curacao and then just as suddenly disappeared into the crowd.

That night Tina and William decided to investigate this name they had never heard before and found out it was an island in the Caribbean Sea. It was the largest of three islands known as the ABC’s. The other two are Aruba and Bonaire. The more they found out about this little island that was located off the coast of Venezuela the more interested in and attracted to it they became. They made their reservations in one of the hotels Curacao before they told their family and friends of their decision. They were not surprised when they were told they should have chosen Paris, Greece or one of the numerous other options they had heard in the past few months and laughed to themselves when were asked how they made their decision. It would remain their personal secret, until after the wedding at least.

Hotel Concierge for Singapore Weddings

Posted by mandy on December 16th, 2009

A good way to find a wedding planner is contacting the concierge service of a Singapore hotel, they will provide you with the best in the field of wedding planners.

If you want even the tiniest little detail of your Singapore hotel wedding to be taken care of, it’s recommended that you hire a wedding planner. By hiring a wedding planner, you will save money and precious time. A wedding planner will not only coordinate your wedding, but will save you from all the frustration.

A wedding planner Singapore offers, is hired by the bride and groom to help in a wide variety of tasks that will be associated with the entire wedding. As most brides to be know, it can be very frustrating to plan and coordinate their very special day, so much so, they will forget about the fun that’s needed to have at the wedding. Remember, it is a time of celebration and not of worry and anxiety. So, to spend a little bit more of your wedding budget on a wedding planner to ensure that all concerned in a wedding will have a only beautiful, fun memories of the wedding day.

A wedding planner will help will all aspects of the wedding, including, the floral arrangements, hiring the best DJ, the cake, invitations, seating arrangements, photography and stay within your budget. In some cases, a wedding planner will be the best use, when they use their connections within the wedding industry, like getting the best prices on wedding items from wedding vendors. They will do all the interviewing, coordinate the details, which have been agreed upon, they will assist in putting all the contracts or letters of agreement together that the bride or groom need to sign. Without contracts there will be room for misunderstandings and confusion to what was agreed upon.

You will have peace of mind during the entire wedding process and find comfort in the knowledge that your wedding will be beautiful and memorable.

Singapore Drum Prodigy

Posted by mandy on December 15th, 2009

Rhythm and sensibility seem to be intrinsically related, and it’s possible to find your way in a new city by keying into either, or both if possible.  The rhythms and sensibilities in Singapore are difficult to get, because there are so many.  A wide range of cultures and lifestyles exists here, and now this is more true than it’s ever been.  The city state has natural appeal to people from all over the world, because of its easy accessibility, as well as its ability to take in and absorb the best of everything.  It is always unique, and certainly always stylish, and offers something new with every visit.

Those who have been to Singapore before will not be surprised to hear that there are some excellent Japanese restaurants.  It’s a fantastic place to get a great bite to eat, and it’s possible to eat different kinds of food for every meal.  With the ready supply of fresh fish, Japanese food has a bit of an advantage, however, and should be something everyone tries here, at least once.  Japanese culture plays a bit part of the life in Singapore, and it’s one of many different cultures that influence its sensibility.  To really get a sense for the heartbeat of Singapore, it’s probably wise to ask someone old, and someone very young.  But if you ask Ethan Ong, the answer will be more complex than you might imagine.

This drum prodigy from Singapore is only ten years old.  He’s been playing rhythms for eight years however, and he keeps on winning awards.  The biggest win to date, however, was the National Youth Percussion Instrument Category in Shanghai, where he was declared the top drummer.  He’s won awards in China before, to be sure, and will win more, but this is a fantastic achievement.  His drum solo, and a piece from the Japanese group Casiopea, put him way ahead of the others, and he’s proving that wisdom might not be necessary for mastering rhythms, but age will make them shine even brighter.

Outdoor Built in Grills are Perfect for Entertaining

Posted by mandy on December 14th, 2009

Tim and Kyla were looking to remodel their backyard. Tim was extremely interested in building a large deck and adding some sports related equipment and accessories to the main yard area. Kyla was not opposed to this and even liked many of his ideas, however she was much more interested in establishing a nice kitchen and dining area into which she could invite guests for dinners and parties. The couple had originally planned to add these new elements on an item by item and theme by them basis, though as they were making their plans they quickly realized that they were going to end up with a complete overhaul of the backyard and decided it was best to have their full design elements completed before beginning.

Ultimately it took the couple two months to create all of their plans and decide on what all they would like to include. Kyla was thrilled that Tim agreed not only to add the kitchen appliances such as the counter area that would include a popular model of the built in gas grills but also to include a nice dining area with a built in fireplace for both ambiance and adding warmth to a cool spring evening.

After six months their entire backyard was finished and they were ready to host their first dinner party for friends. They decided to make it rather informal and cooked barbeque chicken breasts with potato salad and fruit. They had a small fire going which created a great atmosphere and after eating they planned to have a croquet tournament, which was one of the sports elements Tim thought would be most fitting for their area. They had both wine and beer and a strawberry cheesecake for desert. Ultimately the party was a huge success and everyone had a great time. This was just the first of what would become an ongoing event. And it was only the tip of the iceberg on activities that would occur in their new backyard paradise.

Heat Us Up Stove

Posted by mandy on December 7th, 2009

Have you been looking for a new stove for you cabin in the woods. There are so many heating stoves to see. If your going to put it in the get away cabin up north do you want it to be a new modern style or and old classic vintage style. it is really fun to look through all the history of stoves and see the designs and ideas that made them morph into what they are today. Every country has their version of a stove so unique to its local heritage. Who were some of the inventors of these progressing stoves?

Benjamin Franklin was a contributor of the American twist on the stove. He created the iron furnace stove which many call the Franklin Stove but he called the Pennsylvania Stove. The first kerosene stove was designed by Frans Wilhelm Lindqvist. Finally a soot free option was available. Coal stoves came around in 1833 with Jordan Mott’s design ideas. This stove had good ventilation so that the coal would burn more efficiently. The British contributed with the first gas stove. Patented and idea holder James Sharp us the first gas stove which hit the market in 1826. Then there came the big Carpenter Electric Manufacturing Co with the first invention of the electric stove in 1891. William Hadaway was the first person to get the patent on the electric stove in June of 1896. Mr Hadaway was a real inventor. He came up with the first toaster as well. Westinghouse made the horizontal toaster.

The industrial revolution gas us all even more stoves. By the 1920 most people had gas stoves in there homes. They had top burners and deep ovens. By the 1930s the electric stoves were giving the gas stoves a run for their money. It took a while for the electric stoves to compete with gas because they were available in the 1890s. Now we can just pop a quick dinner into the microwave oven and hit start.

Awareness is Key to Enjoying Hot Tubs and Spas

Posted by mandy on December 2nd, 2009

Awareness of certain dangers concerning hot tubs, spas or pools is key to creating a safe and fun atmosphere for all those in need of relaxation. The main hazard is drowning, treat your hot tub and spa like any body of water. Before you step in to your spa, check the depth and never jump in, spa’s are made to sit in and relax, not to horse around in like a pool. It is highly recommended to not be alone in a hot tub, bring a friend along or invite a family member to join you, plus, it makes the time you spend in the hot tub a pleasant experience.

When the hot tub or spa is not in use, replace the cover and lock it for safety. If the spa is inside, make sure you can lock the door to the spa room. Always make it a ritual to put the cover over the tub or lock the door when you are finished for the time being. This way, you will never have to worry that and unintentional accident will occur.

Another danger is hair and body part entrapment. Drains that are uncovered can suck in hair or body parts, trapping a person under the water. Before entering any hot tubs, spas or any other body of water where electrical components are being used, always check that the drains have adequate covers and that the covers themselves are in good condition. If a child is to use the hot tub, make sure that their toes or fingers can not slip through the drain covers, if they can, this can lead to the child being stuck underwater. So, it is recommended that you replace the drain covers with the required safety drain covers. Another safety measure is to have each pump on separate outlets, this will reduce suction and reduce the potential of entrapment.

Never have the water temperature of a hot tub or spa over 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything hotter will cause health issues and cause drowsiness that could lead to drowning. You do not want to nod off in the hot tub. Also, if the temperature is higher that 104 degrees, your raise the risk of heat stroke.

Benjamin Franklin and the Cast Iron Stove

Posted by mandy on December 1st, 2009

While the hearth and fireplace has been with us for tens of thousands of years, it took one man to make a major improvement in this simple technology — two hundred and sixty seven years ago, in 1742, Benjamin Franklin, in a life noted for a veritable inventing spree, created in addition to bifocals, the public library, and the use of electricity, the reinvention of the fireplace.  Of course, I’m talking about the cast iron stove.  He called it the Pennsylvania Fireplace, and today we know it, more simply, as the Franklin Stove.

In Franklin’s time, the fireplace was a dangerous thing, using a lot of wood and wasting a lot of heat.  The Franklin Stove allowed people to cook and warm their homes with a little less danger and with less wood.  The cast iron stove looks like a fireplace but it contains metal baffles and this increases its heating efficiency to such a degree that it has been used now to warm homes and farm houses for over two hundred and fifty years!

Here are some of the highlights of this amazing device.  Two years after he invented the stove, he wrote a pamphlet titled, “An Account of the New-Invented Pennsylvania Fireplaces.”  Then, in 1744, twenty-eight years later, a man named David Rittenhouse made the first real improvement to the stove: He added the L-shaped chimney.  By 1790, the stove was considered a vital part of America.  In 1895, the design was adjusted again, adding a flue damper you could adjust as well as a slanted fireback.  In 1800, several manufacturers strove to improve the design, making the stove even more popular.

The state’s governor offered Franklin a patent, which would provide Franklin with the sole right to make and sell the stoves.  Franklin turned down the patent, believing, as he said, that the appreciation of his invention was better than financial reward — a selfless act that would one would find hard to replicate here in the 21st Century.

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