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Great Restaurants and Great Clubs of Ibiza

Posted by mandy on October 29th, 2009

Cliff and Sal could barely wait to get on the plain that was flying them to Spain. They would stay one night in Barcelona, which they were greatly anticipating, and then depart again for a weeklong stay on the Balearic Island of Ibiza. Sal had filled Cliff’s ears with plenty of legendary stories about this popular island and even indicated that they were likely to see some stars. This was both Sal’s and Cliff’s senior year in college and it was their last opportunity to let loose on Spring Break. A group of their friends were going to go to Cabo San Lucas but Sal was absolutely insistent that they go to Ibiza.

As part of an early graduation prize, their parents chipped in to pay for their stay in one of the 5 star Ibiza hotels. They also gave them a chunk of money and told them they were only to spend it on transportation and food, as they knew very well that a great deal of Sal and Cliff’s own money was going to go straight into the numerous nightclubs they planned to enjoy.

And club hopping is not the name for what they did on a couple of nights. Ibiza is internationally known for its nightclub scene with famous spots like Eden, Space, Privilege and Pacha. And these are just a few of the places Cliff and Sal explored. However, they remained true to their promise to their parents and also enjoyed some great meals at local restaurants. They had a fabulous dinner at La Oliva, which remains one of Sal’s all time favorite restaurants. He had the tomato bavarois with prawns in lemon sauce and Cliff had the sea bass baked in salt. They also shared the goat cheese pastry and each of them had desert. At least their parents could be satisfied that their sons were well fed before they hit the club scene each night.

Falafel in NYC

Posted by mandy on October 26th, 2009

New York City is an extraordinary place.  The five boroughs that make up the city proper have their own personality and rhythm, but somehow have an energy that is unmistakably New York.  There is always something to do here, even if you come without any plans at all.  There is an extraordinarily exciting pace here, and having your own means of transportation can make a complicated itinerary much easier to follow.  If you need to be several places at once, it makes sense to use our services at New York City car hire, to take the hassle out of the scheduling, and have some assurance that you can get to where you need to be.  Knowledge of some basic principles of driving in the city is extremely helpful, and recommended.  It can be one of the hardest places to get around, but if you understand the rules, it’s an adventure.

Transportation in New York City is always part of the adventure anyway, and a car makes some things possible.  If you have appointments outside of the city, it’s a fantastic method of getting around, and is more reliable than other means.  And after your business needs are taken care of, you can see some of the fantastic things that the city offers.  There’s an amazing variety of things to do here, and, as they say, In one day, everything happens in New York City, twice.  There’s so much, in fact, that it’s interesting to take your own tour of New York, with one goal in mind, but a willingness to go along with whatever happens on the way.  One fantastic way to see the city is to look for the best falafel.

This is a contentious issue among New Yorkers.  Greenwich Village had the reputation for an awfully long time, and Mamoun’s was the undisputed leader of them all. But this chickpea sensation is rather easy to make, and every family has their own unique variations, so it’s worth trying as many as you can.  It’s delicious, and looking will give you a great idea about the varieties available, and the variety of New York in general. Union Square seems to be one of the new epicenters of falafel adventures, hosting a feast, pun intended, of restaurants and corner shops offering their own version.  With anything in New York, however, the center cannot hold, and there’s always something new right around the corner.

Craving Ibiza

Posted by mandy on October 26th, 2009

About a year ago, when returning from Barcelona, Mary, Cindy and I went in search of sun, fun, city and parties. I saw a billboard that advertised cheap flight tickets to Ibiza island. It only took my a nano second to realise that clubbing in Ibiza is not too far from Barcelona and then, after thinking more about visiting Ibiza, I realized it’s been over 10 years since I’ve been there. It was time to make a decision. Mary and I are huge clubbers, plus travel junkies and we both agreed to arrange our next trip to Ibiza.

Mary returned to New York and I went back to London. The following week, I remember going to my place of employment and thinking about how wonderful and sunny it was in Spain. I checked my emails and delved into my usual work assignments. In the afternoon, I sent an email to Mary about how we have to return to Barca and then head off to Ibiza. It didn’t take long to get a reply from her saying that she’s already checked pricing at a few hotels in Ibiza. So that day, I arranged a Barcelona trip where we’d get a excursion trip to Sitges and then on to Ibiza.

When I arrived in Barcelona, around 3 pm, I already had a message on my cell from Mary. Her flight was delayed and she would arrive probably by 9pm. I decided to enjoy the beach, which works out prefect, because Mary, being from New York isn’t too keen on sun and tanning, but for me, well heck yes! Me being a London resident, I try to catch sun anywhere that I can. While on the beach, I checked out some younger people and then went swimming all the while thinking about Ibiza.

When it was about 9pm, I got a message from Mary, so I rushed back to the hotel to meet her. By-the-way, out hotel was very modern and all the staff was extremely friendly and they arranged everything and gave us good tips. There was a pool on the roof of the hotel along with a bar and lounge. So Mary and I went to the roof of a quick drink and also to figure out where to go. Both of us were so excited, so excited, we were short on breath and our hearts were beating with just thinking about clubbing.

The bartender recommended we check out the Arena. We got there too early, there was no one there. It wasn’t midnight yet, but we didn’t care and we both started drinking. It was about 2am when the club got full. Mary and I looked at each other and just smiled as we clubbed on through the whole morning!

Neighborhood Participation

Posted by mandy on October 21st, 2009

TransGlobe Property Management is Canada’s leading property management company for a good reason.  We have a solid dedication to our customers and our properties, working to keep Canada’s neighborhoods wonderful places to live and grow.  When our clients are thriving, so are we, so we like to connect to the communities to offer a sense of dedication to the place.  TransGlobe is here to meet you where you are.  We have a great love for the neighborhoods we serve, and appreciate a human touch.  This is one of our trademarks, and it’s one of the trademarks of a neighborhood that reflects its residents.

Our relationship begins when you start looking through our very accessible and easy database. This is the beginning of a daydream of a future living space, and it’s a dream that we like to help make a reality.  When you’re looking through our thousands of properties, you’ll no doubt find many attractive places that appeal to your style, and also fit your price range.  You can find all sorts of information about your next home, and it’s always a pleasure to look for a new place to live.  We’re here to help you through this process, and we’re also here for every phase.

When you’re with us, we’re continually working to improve our already excellent reputation for customer service . We are reliable, and respond to requests very quickly and efficiently.  Our representatives truly are part of a team, working in the neighborhoods you live in.  We also strive to participate in community events, because we at TransGlobe understand that neighborhoods are something that we create together.  Your continued satisfaction with us is our best asset, and we look forward to the relationship.

A Kauai and Lanai vacation for the best Hawaiian Pizza

Posted by mandy on October 19th, 2009

Plate lunches are often the initial thing people think of when they think of Hawaii, but the islands actually contain a diverse assortment of culinary delights.  For instance, Lanai travel deals offer the chance for exquisite cuisine with fusion food.  Many people think that fusion food has to be something complicated, but with Hawaiian food it can be simple as a pizza inspired by the island’s native flavors and palettes.

A Hawaiian pizza, as an example of such simple fusion fare, includes the usual ingredients, the dough, the sauce, the flour, EVOO, and of course, salt and pepper.  But it also includes pineapple most often, or even mango.  Trying out different fruit flavors with the pizza can be the most fun part about trying to make the Hawaiian pizza your own creation.

Part of the way hotels cook the pizza is in the old traditional Italian way, where there is an old brick oven and a big wooden spatula employed to move the pizza in and out of the oven.  The typical temperature for a pizza oven is often around 400 degrees F, but some people cook their pizzas at a lower or higher temperature, depending upon their tastes for the crunchiness of crust and other factors.  One chef cooked his pizza at 300 degrees, which is unusual.  Big island vacations can be full of surprises though.

Another chef actually pureed pineapple and made it a part of his sauce.  The taste was unusual, but not entirely unpleasant.  He served it with some cubes of mozzarella chunks on top of the pizza, which did not melt all over and make a globby mess, but actually stayed in cube form.  They warmed all the way through and totally delicious to just bit into.
On another Kauai vacation, packages of pineapple canned fruit and homemade recipe books were being handed out near one of the hotels.  It proved to be an inexpensive memory of Hawaii that has been very useful in the kitchen.

Fun Loving Honeymoon in Phuket

Posted by mandy on October 14th, 2009

After Miles arrived at his Phuket hotel with his new wife Leslie and they had a chance to settle in, he looked at all the brochures of places to visit and things to do and quickly realized that the should have put a little more planning into this aspect of their marriage activities. The spent so much time and effort into planning the ceremony itself and the reception, that the honeymoon, which to many people is the most important part, got kind of ignored. This was also because they thought it would be easy once they got to Thailand to just do their own thing and they specifically did not want a lot of structure to it. Mostly they wanted a quiet getaway, where they didn’t have to be any particular place at any given time.

And while this was certainly possible and they most definitely could go where they wanted to whenever they wanted, once they got there, Miles was absolutely amazed all there was to do and see and he definitely wished that they had put a little more time into decided what they would like to do most. Everything sounded interesting to him, from visiting the beautiful temples, to attending a performance or going to a beach. He was mostly concerned that on their last day there he would discover something else he couldn’t miss.

As it turns out, those initial fears were probably just left over from the wedding stress. The first morning they woke up to the incredible aroma of street cafes. They decided right then to stick to their original plan and just roll with the flow. After a great breakfast of Khanom Jeen, which was a noodle dish, they journeyed slightly out of town and spent the afternoon at the Hat Patong beach. They ended up seeing and doing a lot in the week they were there and remember having an amazing day of excitement, beauty and discovery at the Chalong Temple.

Sunburn in Goa

Posted by mandy on October 13th, 2009

Goa has a reputation for its magnificent beaches, and its fantastic night life, that attracts visitors from all over the world.  It’s also a prime vacation spot for people from India, looking for their own beach holiday.  There are also splendid bioreserves here, protecting the diversity of the fauna, and a lively urban scene as well.  Whatever your interests, for 5 star hotels, Goa is always prepared, and has some magnificent offerings.  We’ve selected some of the finest to give you accommodations that will be stylish and hospitable, and have something to offer for guests of all ages.  Sumptuous and spacious rooms are the best way to get the rest you need, so you can always be refreshed and ready for a night on the town, or a day at the beach.  We also offer fantastic cuisine served by some of the world’s great chefs, so that you can savor every moment of your experience here.

Goa’s cultural scene is very deeply influenced by the cultural revolutions of the 60s and 70s.  It has played host to countless young adventurers, looking for spiritual experience, or just fun on the beach.  Or sometimes both.  This lead to an interesting revolution in world music, the invention of Goa trance.  It’s sometimes difficult now to find Goa trance played in Goa, and it’s much more likely to be found in Israel, but you’ll hear some fantastic techno at the local clubs if you’re looking for it.  Of course, techno itself is everywhere, and electronic music can be heard all over the beaches at night, coming from the excellent clubs here.  For real electronic music fans coming to Goa, you might want to try timing your trip for the end of the year, when they hold Sunburn.

This is usually 2 days long, and is a celebration of all kinds of electro-techno music, with djs coming from all over the world to play for fantastic crowds and gorgeous beaches.  It could be fantastic beaches and gorgeous crowds, too, they become interchangeable after dancing to the mad beats for five hours.  Sunburn festival is a great reason to spend some time in Goa, and if you’re already here because of the lure of the place, by all means hang around a bit longer and see what the festival is all about.

Greeting Customers in Restaurants is Important Part of Service

Posted by mandy on October 12th, 2009

At its most basic form, excellent customer service is easy to recognize in restaurants. In this instance it is straightforward and always an essential aspect of what the restaurant offers. However, the restaurants the offer the best customer service often take it to levels that customer is unaware. This can be taken to the extreme of restaurant design and menu planning. This can lead to aspects of available financial resources as well as location and various other elements. However, for the financially limited private restaurant owner, the actual business practice can go further than the most expensive design of any restaurant. And this is the customer service elements that will be discussed here. As a businessman and consumer, Steven Barbarich is well aware of the essential importance of excellent customer service to any business.

For restaurants, on hands immediately oriented customer service begins as the diner walks through the door. They should be greeted by friendly and attentive hosting personnel and either taken directly to their table or informed of any amount of time the customer may be asked to wait. It should never be policy to estimate shorter time frames for fear the customer may not want to wait the actual length. Any customer will be much more irritated by waiting longer than they were told than by being told a closer estimate, even though it may have been longer. If anything, it is better to over estimate the expected wait time by five minutes, which will please the customer that they are called to their table early, and avoid making them wait excessively if the estimate was slightly off in the first place.

These early experiences a customer has in a restaurant will absolutely determine the direction the rest of their encounter will take, and it is extremely difficult to make up for an unpleasant beginning and to please an already irritated and impatient person. In addition, if they had a positive experience at the lobby, they are already well on their way to enjoying the rest of their evening. That is as long as the bus persons, the food servers, cooks and chefs and of course the bartenders also do their jobs efficiently.

It the Personal Touch Private Banks Offer

Posted by mandy on October 5th, 2009

The wealth industry in Singapore are welcoming proposals of the City and State’s monetary authority to shore-up subsidies and to include a range of training programs to foster and growing need for talented private bank managers for Asia’s most important financial hubs.  As a Singapore private bank has concluded, the atmosphere of today’s financial market has gone beyond product and financial knowledge. Managers must now learn how keep a relationships with individual clients and learn how to build up trust and articulate, amidst the clamoring of the market, clear and precise information to individual clients.

Understanding and finding solutions for the different needs of each client is the key aspect to most of the training programs. The managers find this to be extremely challenging, but they need to understand that some private banks in Singapore are currently in the process of implementing and making sure that they do exactly this, to know each client personally. Managers are now becoming focused on helping their clients preserve their wealth.

Focusing on a product driven approach to a relationship and focus on an advisory-driven approach will need a heavy investment in staff recruitment and getting rid of staff not willing to invest time into their clients. Private banks are also beginning to increase efforts to train all front-line employees to do exactly the same as their managers. Get to know each client personally. So, it is imperative for all Singapore private banks to emphasis and hone in on front-line training programs that enable employees to build and continue to build up a one to one relationship with clients.

A long term view must be clear that the business of private banks will always continue to make fundamental investments in people. This can only be sustained with exacting training programs and bringing in new recruitment’s and develop a concrete understanding that this is the key to the continues success and future of any bank, be it public or private. Private banks do have a jump on this mission, but not all have bought into the importance of this new model of understanding, this steadfast thinking of not needing to understand each and every clients needs, will leave that bank in the dust and might even jeopardize its future.

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